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Sep 28 2010

Do you see how all that I allow comes from my benevolent heart?

Dear friends, this message from the archives (July 2006) speaks very strongly to our times. I felt led to re-run it.

Sirach 11:14 Good and evil, life and death, poverty and riches, are from the LORD.

“My beloved little child, do you see how all that I allow comes from my benevolent heart? For even if evil befalls you, and your prayers seem to dissipate in the abyss, even then the Lord is near―so near―to one who places her trust in him. What the evil one means for your destruction, I use to bring about great works of goodness and growth in holiness. My child, whether you live in suffering or comfort, riches or poverty, give thanks to the Lord always, for his love for you will never fail.”

My Jesus, I praise and thank you through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother for all you have given me. My Lord and my God, grant me the grace through Mary to become the willing slave of Jesus in Mary for your glory, O heavenly Father. Amen.

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