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Oct 05 2010

Why do you surrender to your fears and anxieties?

John 19:15 Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you looking for?”

“My child–I am near! Then why do you surrender to your fears and anxieties? I have given you the remedy: “Jesus I trust in you.” Say it as often as you need to.  And do not neglect the sacraments. Every unconfessed sin is a block to grace. But through the sacraments, the floodgates of grace and peace are opened. Go as often as you can–while you can.

“My child, lean closer. Lay your head on my breast. Let me whisper words of love, of joy, and of consolation into your heart. Listen for my heartbeat. Do you hear it beating for love of you? How my heart longs to fly into yours, so that the two of us will beat with a single heart. Little ones, draw near.”

O my Jesus, your unimaginable love and humility are astounding! How can mere worms unite with the Lord of All? Only by your holy will, and by the gift of grace. Jesus, never let our sins gain a foothold, but deliver us from temptation and evil through the powerful intercession of the Mother of All Nations. Amen.

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