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Feb 12 2012

Let waves of living water refresh your weary hearts…

Baruch 3:1-2 O Lord Almighty, God of Israel, the soul in anguish and the wearied spirit cry out to you. Hear O Lord, and have mercy for we have sinned before you.

“Beloved, children, throw yourselves into the font of my mercy. Let waves of living water refresh your weary hearts. Children, there is only one Word I speak—love! Love is the Word that set creation in motion. Love is the Word that sustains it. And what does that love look like? It is the cross. It is total self-giving. It is emptying your ‘self’ so that love can fill you and form you. The world is in great need of this agape love. Where can it be found? Where can my heart rest on earth? Empty yourselves, my children. My heart is looking for a place to rest.”

Heavenly Father, your love is everything! Grant us every grace we need to empty ourselves to that your love may find a home in us. Lead us, Lord, into your peace. Amen.

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