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Apr 29 2012

I am your shield, your stronghold, your safe harbor in the tempest…

Joel 4:16 The LORD roars from Zion, and from Jerusalem raises his voice; the heavens and the earth quake, but the LORD is a refuge to his people, a stronghold to the men of Israel.

“My children, do not fear, though the earth should quake and all sorts of strange things be seen to occur. I am the Lord! Do you believe this? Then take your refuge in me. I am your shield, your stronghold, your safe harbor in the tempest. Be prudent, be wise. Above all place your trust in me. I mean to test your trust in me. Do not waver, but stand firm. Know that I am God.”

O my Lord God Almighty, give us grace, strength, faith and trust. May the merits of our Mother be our treasure in these days of trial and tempest. Jesus we trust in YOU!

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